Places to visit in Chicago

chicagoThe city of Chicago is a place well known for its great cultural and architectural importance. Alongside New York Chicago ranks as one of the most interesting and full of happenings of America’s great cities.

For every savvy travelers Chicago offers more than hundreds of experiences, varying from doing adventurous swimming with the sharks at the Shedd Aquarium to climbing up to the Sears Tower Skydeck. Chicago is very proud to have two world famous museums, beautiful shopping venues, authentic dining, and a traditional art and entertainment district. Tourists from various part of the world come to Chicago for experiencing the famous sight seeing that Chicago has to offer. In my article I have mentioned names of few famous places, which are the top most sights to be seen in Chicago.

Escape to the Navy Pier: It is among the top most tourist place of attraction and a heartbeat of Chicago was opened in the year 1916, and it is 3,300 feet from Chicago’s shoreline. Now place for about 80 restaurants, shops and a crystal garden was earlier a place for former naval training center. The Pier is a place for the Children’s Museum, the imax theatre, the Shakespeare Theater and a Ferris wheel which has got 40 glass enclosed gondolas offering a picture view of the city where you can catch a glimpse of the city. During night when the sun sets down The Navy Pier gets light up with its amusement ride., enjoy the picnic beside lake.

Lincoln Park Zoo: Lincoln Park Zoo is Chicago’s biggest attraction and is one of the oldest in the country. The place provides beautifully landscaped gardens, hundreds of animal, activities and festivals for the entire family. Lincoln Park Zoo is a home for more than thousands of mammals, birds and reptiles. At new Pritzker Family Children’s Zoo children of all ages enjoys standing nose to nose with chimpanzees and gorillas. You can also stop for shopping at their retail store. You can also enjoy an exciting journey on the Ameritech Endangered Species Carousel.

Sears Tower Skydeck: In United States Sears Tower is known as one of the tallest buildings which decorate the Chicago skyline. Tourist generally comes to the tower to enjoy the best views of Chicago. You need to take a elevators to reach 103rd floor, you can enjoy the ride by watching the flat panel televisions. You and your family will get occupied for few hours once you enter the museum, featuring high-tech telescopes. During clear day one can see the view which is up to 40 to 50 miles of sightlines.

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum: The first ever built planetarium in the United States. The great massive gallery, theater and museum opens up for the entry to the universe. For all those lovers with the stars and galaxies, in the Sky Theater you can sit back and enjoy the journey of stars and planets. For discovering the astronomical tools and books from Adler exhibit.

The Art Institute of Chicago: Located at Michigan Avenue it is an historical landmark and one of the great museum of art. The collection in the Art Institute dated from 3,000 B.C. till present. There is a full hand on activities for the children at Kraft Education center. Exciting collections and exhibits featuring impressive paintings, fine and decorative arts, drawings from Europe, Middle East and Asia can be seen lining the galleries up above. Tourist generally plans to send one full day at this famous place.

Shedd Aquarium: One of the largest indoor aquariums in the world where the kids as well as the adults will find pleasure and a delightful outing while touring at Chicago. It is the place with an exceptional display of marine life. Here you can marvel and explore the underwater habitats from across the world. You can nicely spend hours of your day in the aquarium astonishing the sharks and the living reef, which are one of the aquarium’s greatest attractions. You can head over for a Dolphin show at the Oceanarium. Spending time with the underwater species at the Shedd Aquarium is a lifetime experience, here you can get knowledge about the life of African bullfrog or about the leopard gecko. Enjoy a walk through the Oceanarium, and the underwater tunnels, you are going to get dazzled at the Caribbean Reef. Popular exhibits at the aquarium include anacondas and the piranhas.

All the year round no matter at what time you’re traveling in Chicago, there’s always a community festival or a special event taking place. Venetian Night, Chicago Blues Festival and the taste of Chicago draws attention to thousands of visitors each year.