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The City of Alamo has excellent rail service that runs east and west through the center of the city, and it has excellent air service to both points in the U.S. and Mexico, flying out of an international airport just seven miles west of Alamo.

Currently, the three-lane U.S. Business Highway 83, which also runs through the center of the city, paralleling the railroad tracks, is under planned expansion for sometime next year. Expressway 83, which also runs east and west, through the city's north-central business section, is also being expanded to the west of Alamo to meet growing traffic requirements. What businesses end up with in Alamo and its surrounding environs are big-city roads and services without the bumper-to-bumper traffic and high cost of doing business.

As highway needs continue to grow, the Texas Transportation Commission has told Valley leaders to "speak with one voice when you come to Austin to seek highway funding.'' As a result, the Rio Grande Valley Regional Mobility Task Force was formed, led by the Rio Grande Valley Chamber of Commerce, and has developed a long-range Regional Mobility Plan in cooperation with cities, counties, and other groups involved. Several major projects recommended in the plan have been completed and more are on the planning board. Current emphasis is on securing interstate level highways for the Valley, including the proposed I-69 ``NAFTA Highway'' from Canada to Mexico.

The Mobility Task Force is part of the Alliance I-69 Texas. The Task Force has also joined with U.S. 77 and U.S. 281 groups (north/south highway arteries to the east and west of Alamo) to work for both of these arteries to be brought up to interstate standards. Officials from Tamaulipas, Mexico, see the Valley as the best route into Mexico for the increasing trade under NAFTA and are working with Valley interests.

All told, the City of Alamo has all the transportation needs necessary to meet all of the demands that businesses have come to expect in today's ever-growing competitive economy.


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Street improvements are part of an ongoing process throughout Alamo and its surrounding areas in order to keep up with the growth. The focus is centered on a pro-active approach, whereby city leaders strive to build the roads in anticipation of future growth, rather than waiting until cars and trucks are backed up before initiatiing street expansion.

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